Cosmic Train
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Tækno Jens returns to Keep On Techno after his amazing Flux Ep and recent remix work for us.

He has delivered an exceptional EP for us with his Cosmic Train EP that is truly something original in the World of Techno.

The lead track is Cosmic Train. Is progressive techno a thing? If it's not it is now as this tune with its bouncing kicks and consistent adding of layers is an utter delight.

Slikkepind continues the theme of tripped up kick drums and continues to build and grow to traditional 4/4 Techno as grows. Some people would call this experimental. We just call it fun.

The final original is Whatever, a dark and bass heavy that starts minimal and sinister and then just doubles down on the sinister.

We thought a cheeky remix on this release would be cool and we've got returning artist Sigabort on his first remix for us. He has delivered an excellent driving hard techno take on Cosmic Train that retains the key melodic elements from the original whilst adding his own inimitable style.

All aboard, the Cosmic Train!

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