Working For A Brighter Day

Working For A Brighter Day
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Multi instrumentalist and producer Sax N Dub from Montevideo Uruguay has been playing on the sound system scene with his own productions and international collaborations since 2014, with participations in may international festivals. With more than 20 publications on cd, digital and vinyl and numerous collaborations on diverse labels, he returns with his new single Working For A Brighter Day, teaming up this time with long time family artist Madi Simmons on the vocals.

Hailing from USA, Madi Simmons is no stranger on our label. He appeared on many releases on our label, collaborating with Culture Horn, Dubsynaticx and Red Star Martyrs and has been awarded in 2018 Best Male Independent Reggae Recording Artist and Best Album Of The Year (for I Am A Rootsman)

Focusing now on the new single, Working for A Brighter Day is presented in two versions: the vocal track with Madi demonstrating his ability to feel comfortable to perform on any riddim and enjoying not following the rules of reggae music (whatever they are) and the instrumental version, with the sax talking over the mix, a trademark of Sax N Dub!

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