Dark Matter EP

Dark Matter EP
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While we wanted to start this label with established artists whom we admired and respected. It has always been our aim to give a chance to new producers as well.

With that we welcome Mike Bentley to Prognosis with two of his first tracks to be signed. He is sure to be a name we'll see more of in the future on the strength of these tracks.

Dark Matter is a beautifully hypnotic track that rides the line between progressive and melodic techno just the way we like it here. Simple, not overblown. Just an awesome groove with lovely harmonies over an uncomplicated groove. This one will get in your head!

Sunclipse is a lighter more traditional prog vibe that still keeps things simple and lets the sound and the vibe carry you along.

A great debut for Mike Bentley here. We can't wait to hear what is next from him.

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