Interview / 12 Jan 24
Interstellar Audio
How did Interstellar start?
Founded by Russ AKA Cellar, after 2 decades of love for the Drum & Bass scene and finally taking the dive into realising a long time dream to be part of the scene Interstellar Audio was born, with great support from Twelve Step Audio, Zante, Vibe, Jinbu and more, Interstellar has grown into an emerging force dedicated to the soulful and deep sides of Drum & Bass.
Where are you based?
Nottingham U.K but our mission is global, our core team includes people from 3 corners of the U.K, New Zealand & Sweden.
Tells us about your creative ambition?
One of the main goals of IA is to form a global community of creatives and friends all supporting and pushing each other to reach their goals, if our artists have dreams of releasing on top tier labels then we will do everything we can do to help them realise those dreams. IA is also committed to recognising the value of artists and our processes are all geared with the belief that Artists should be the first to get paid, not the last, and we are walking a long and challenging road to ensure we realise those ambitions.
Any exciting projects happening now?
Our charity release, Frontiers Volume 1, just out recently which has received an incredible amount of support from the scene and even been included in the Hospital Records Podcast as well as played on GeorgeFM in New Zealand. Frontiers is a diverse compilation featuring artists from around the world, united in the mission for peace.
It’s a compelling compilation featuring an eclectic mix of artists, each contributing their unique sounds to support the Ukrainian Red Cross Society's mission to protect lives and alleviate human suffering. The artists on this record share a common goal – to break down barriers and borders through the power of music. Frontiers Vol. 1 is not just a collection of tracks; it's a collaborative effort to bring solace in troubled times and places.
Frontiers will be an annual project supporting various causes and we are already planning Volume 2!
How have you released your music so far?
In our first year we have released over 70 tracks from more than 35 artists all across the world, spanning from the most deliciously soulful liquid all the way up to hard hitting and high energy tracks. We use a distributor to reach all the mainstream stores and streaming sites but we also independently publish to Artcore and similar platforms as we believe in as short a supply chain as possible.
Tell us about your live events
We ran 3 events in 2023, including a summer celebration, the IA Garden Party which was a free event that showcased IA artists and Resident DJs. The focus for 2024 is to create a recognised brand that people know will be an intimate event with immaculate vibes no matter where we throw it or who is on the bill. We have 3 events in the works for Q1 2024 and some big plans for later in the year.
Where would you most like to put on a show?
To host an event outdoors on a mountain top would be my dream.
Who inspires you?
People that push the scene forward and are just nice people, particularly Steve BCEE of Spearhead records, Degs of the Hospital Podcast, Peter Piper from Overview and many more.
Who are you listening to at the moment?
Rizzle! Doing his own thing and I'm here for it.
Most notable releases?
Receiving plays on GeorgeFM's liquid lowdown show of Jinbu's release with us earlier this year was a total honour and real nice surprise. We also had plays on the Hospital Records Podcast and 4 of our tracks made it to BBC Introducing in 2023.
Who would you like to have on your label
So many artists, but to name a few of my top priorities right now, Inigma, Maykors, Archangel, Thread, Rizzle.
What were your key DJ performances?
We took IA to Mountain Bass festival earlier this year to play on the mountain tops supporting artists like Keeno, Degs & Etherwood and also play our own events with our label team, artists and residents on line ups.
How does DJing fit into your production world?
I think these days they have to go hand in hand, to be a professional DJ you must be a successful producer also, particularly in the DnB scene.
Do you have any secret weapon DJ tracks?
I made a bootleg of Toca's Miracle that's an Amen break riot and never disappoints.
What made you join Artcore?
It's an artist first platform that's poised to pick up where Bandcamp will leave off