Staff Picks / 25 Nov 23
Artcore Picks November
Dan Howe
In our staff picks series, we'll be highlighting tracks that stood out to us, either because we loved them, they introduced us to something new or they pushed a boundary that needed pushing.
This is our selection for November. We hope you find something in the list that resonates with you.
Offish & Forgiven Soul - World in Crimson
Dark, menacing tech-step drum & bass in the style of Break, or early Ed Rush & Optical.
Forgiven Soul - Imagine
Moody, atmospheric drum & bass of a style similar to Dom & Roland, with large kicks and multiple repeating snares.
Penumbra - Exoplanets
Groovy psy-trance with undulating acid leads and female vocal samples.
Roland Broemmel - Code 303
Strong techno beats merge with the acid bass lines of the Roland 303
Distorted Vortex - QB74
Hard dubstep beats - worth including simply for the inclusion of the memetastic Emotional Damage sample
Dmajxr - Loyalty
Moody hiphop beats, with atmospheric piano loops. Perfect for aspiring MCs looking for well-produced beats.
Fabrizio Carioni - The Other Half
Funky, groovy techno with lots of glitchy sound effects.
B-Format - Acid Groove
Hard techno is not usually my thing but I did like this one. Groovy bass lines, acid synths and strong kicks livened up with some fun breakbeats.
Hierotopic - Little Evil Squirrel
Driving, relentless psy-trance with spooky samples and glitchy stabs.
Bgollie - Journey to Silius
Playful electro-acoustic "folktronica". Nice melodies that sound like pleasant background music. Could see this being used for video games, advertising, etc.