Staff Picks / 19 Feb 24
Artcore Picks February
Dan Howe
In our staff picks series, we'll be highlighting tracks that stood out to us, either because we loved them, they introduced us to something new or they pushed a boundary that needed pushing.
This is our selection for February. We hope you find something in the list that resonates with you.
Narcotic 303 - We never ever had
Deep groovy techno.
Palastoni & DJ Horde - Keep it a Stack
Hard techno with rapid-fire vocals and acid reece synths.
Chris Liberator & Sam DFL - Riot
Classic acid techno.
Nocturnal - Groove Template
Deep, glitchy psy-trance, full of distorted stabs and disorienting burbles.
Josu - Aurora
Soulful chillout electronica. Just beautiful.
No:el - Piece of Time (Zappa Dub)
UK garage as seen through the eyes of Frank Zappa - Moody vocal samples from the man himself, and a progressive, experimental feel.
Luis Pitti - Big Head (Original Mix)
I'm a sucker for good original breakbeat music, and this track has a bit of everything
Orphean - Convenant
Bouncy tech house with an old-skool vibe.
Darkwave - Legacy of the Worthless
Crunchy, downtuned progressive metal with orchestral elements. Slayer guitar riffs over Fear Factory-style drumming.
Beels - Lush
Soulful liquid drum and bass combining echoing vocals with driving breaks and synthy leads