Interlocking Circles

Interlocking Circles
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‘Interlocking Circles’ is called ‘Shippou (seven treasures)’ in Japanese and refers to the seven kinds of treasures that appear in Buddhist scriptures, and are said to be gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, mantis shrimp, coral, and agate. This pattern, in which circles are linked together forever, is an auspicious pattern that represents wishes for harmony, prosperity, and good fortune. 七宝(しっぽう)とは仏教の教典に出てくる七種の宝のことで、金、銀、瑠璃(るり)、玻璃(はり)、しゃこ貝、珊瑚(さんご)、瑪瑙(めのう)であると言われています。円形が永遠に連鎖し繋がるこの柄は、円満、調和、ご縁などの願いが込められた縁起の良い柄です。

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