Four Lamentations for Dancefloors

Four Lamentations for Dancefloors
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After completing the monumental, 7-part "Immutable Past" retrospective series released on Moon Atlas over the past couple of years, "Four Lamentations for Dancefloors" represents the first new music written by Brandon in over a decade.

He swore to himself that he was done writing dance music, so of course the first new release is an EP of hypnotic and melodic sort-of-techno songs that explore the overlap between nostalgia and regret when looking back on his time in the Chicago scene. The style of the EP is hard to pin down, with each track taking in different sets of influences over some 25 years of listening to electronic music. The songs are stripped back but synth-led, repetitive but always in motion. They are for the moments on the dancefloor where the music merges with you and pushes you inwards, and you forget everything else around you.

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